Lachlan Cohen is a composer currently based in Perth, Western Australia.

Lachlan graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2017, with a Bachelor of Music (Honours Class 1), focusing on video game music and immersion in media. Since commencing his journey into professional composition at the end of 2017, he has composed a number of original soundtracks for video games and short films. He also has two side projects, Lighthouse (soundtrack/synthwave) and a yet unnamed progressive rock ensemble.



Video Game

The Spy Who Shot Me – Original Soundtrack (2018)

Verdict Guilty – Original Soundtrack Contribution (2018)

The Old Man Game – Original Soundtrack (Not Released)

Mr Marshmallow – Original Soundtrack (2020)


Wellington, New Zealand | Travel Video – Original Score (2020)

Tent Girl – Original Score (TBA)


Monomyth (2019)

Setting Sail (2021)


Crimson Sunrise (2020)

Stars Over The Eyre (2020)

Circuit To Sentience (2017)

Luz De Una Vela (2016)

Before Awakening (2016)

Illuvia (2015)


Les Marees (2016)

Ventisca (2015)

Second Sentiment (2014)


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