A short film set in rural Western Australia in 1915. The film focuses on an old man, alone against the elements, who faces off against a dingo and hears news from his son who is away at war.

Tent Girl is a comedy/drama short written and directed by Mimi Helm and produced by Matt Hodgkinson. Synopsis: dysfunctional Marina is in the midst of a messy divorce, and finds herself forced to live on her brother Pat’s lawn in a tent. Tensions come to a head when Pat allows her a ‘trial’ stay in the house, and they are forced to confront their differences.

The Scar - Film (2021)

Wacky Food Hunters - TV Series (Coming Soon)

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Wellington, Travel Video

Showreel (2019-2020)


Wellington, New Zealand | Travel Video – Original Score (2020)

Tent Girl – Original Score (2021)

The Scar – Original Score (2021)

Where Do We Go From Here? – Original Score (TBA)

WackyFoodHunters – Original Score (TBA)

Letters – Original Score (2022)

The Killer’s Call – Original Score (TBA)